Heat reveals hidden magnetic secrets

Our recent research article on “Distinguishing antiferromagnetic spin sub lattices via the spin Seebeck effect” was featured by Physical Review B as an “Editor’s Suggestion”.  This article discusses how electric voltages generated by temperature gradients across an antiferromagnetic Cr2O3 film enable to get detailed insights into the spin structure of this film.  This provides a new, easy-to-implement method for resolving changes of the magnetic structures of antiferromagnets.

More details can be found here and the full article is available here:

Axel Hoffmann selected as 2020 Highly Cited Researcher

The Web of Science has selected Axel Hoffmann as a Highly Cited Researcher in 2020. The list recognizes leading researchers in the sciences and social sciences from around the world. It is based on an analysis of journal article publication and citation data, an objective measure of a researcher’s influence, from 2009-2019.  More details can be found in the Illinois News Feed.