MSE 598 Fall 2019

MSE 598 – Magnetic Materials & Applications

This course will cover the fundamental properties of magnetic materials with an emphasis on magnetic structures (including domains) and dynamics and how they manifest themselves in different inhomogeneous materials systems, such as nanoparticles and thin film heterostructures. We will also discuss different interactions with magnetic systems through light, heat, and electric degrees of freedom. These physical phenomena will be put into context for modern applications in medicine, energy, and information technologies.

Syllabus: Introduction to magnetism, magnetic order, dipolar fields, anisotropy, basic energies, reversal and thermal stability, magnetic domains, magnetism in biology and medicine, dynamics and micromagnetic modeling, spin waves and magnetic excitations, magnetic imaging and microscopy, permanent magnets and soft magnets, interfacial and surface effects, magnetic heterostructures, interlayer exchange coupling, giant and tunnel magnetoresistance, spintronics, magnetic recording, topological phenomena and other current hot topics.

Detailed Syllabus: Syllabus MSE 598